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Born in Argentina, the youngest in a large family of architects, engineers, and landscape architects, Carola's upbringing might have been the first hint that design would become a way of life. Trained in landscape architecture and architecture, Carola moved to the United States at age twenty-six to join EDSA, one of the world’s leading landscape architecture firms. For more than a decade, she worked at EDSA on projects throughout the US, Europe, and Latin America before establishing CREAR Design Studio in 2010.

From urban parks and master planning to intimate garden spaces, Carola's work has always emphasized holistic, creative, sustainable design – landscapes that are inspiring and that work harmoniously with nature, never imposed. At the core of her work is her belief that design shapes the way we live and that a connection to nature is essential to our well-being.


Carola has managed all phases of the planning and design processes for residential, resort, and community planning projects, as well as large-scale master planning for clients in more than ten countries.


Her enthusiasm for design draws deeply from a variety of inspirations -- an amalgamation of her Southern California lifestyle, her Argentinian-Italian upbringing, and her work in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. Carola brings a passion of the craft to CREAR's exceptional detailing and design.


She excels in collaborating with clients and, as needed, with other architects, engineers, and landscape architects to create landscapes that are timeless and in sync with nature and the needs of her clients.


Carola is a affiliate member of the America Society of Landscape Architects, a member of the Association of Professional of Landscape Designers,  a certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper, and a volunteer Tree Steward at San Diego's Balboa Park Conservancy.


Outside of work she is happiest outdoors. Trail running, hiking, skiing, and photography continue to connect Carola to the land and to create more uninterrupted, unplugged time with her family.



Carola Fiore



CREAR Design Studio takes a thoughtful and creative approach to projects, often applying an intensive charrette approach to facilitate interaction with the client and the site. CREAR offers expertise in a wide scope of design projects. The firm engages directly with residential clients, as well as offers design & consulting services to other architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture firms.


All examples in this website demonstrate the expertise, abilities and contributions of "CREAR Design Studio" throughout their career for different customers and/ or employers, who hold all property rights

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