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This residence is located inside the Santa Luz Development in San Diego, California. The property presented a very particular “stadium shape”; on the east-back and south-side of the lot causing slope going up that ranges from 3’ to 10’ high. The north and west side of the property was fairly flat and is where the home and vehicular access were placed. Mr and Mrs Devine wanted the slopes to be covered with vegetation. They wanted to be able to look at a mantel of colors all year around. And they also wanted to keep extensive areas of green grass for their kids to play.  The design also focused on the main entrance and courtyard. One of the recommendations was to make an opening on one wall of the courtyard to ensure more light and air circulation. The Devine family was very pleased with the result of this recommendation not only because it allowed more light and breezes, but because it made the space more alive for entertaining. A curvilinear wall was designed to delineate the end of the driveway and beginning of the entrance of the house. The low walls together with the Jacaranda trees help to frame and hierarchize the pedestrian access to the house. The selection of the plant palette has been carefully chosen (Drought tolerant).




San Diego, Ca


April 2010

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